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The Impossible Quiz

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Even if you have never played this game before or you hate educational games, I swear you will become fan of the impossible quiz and play all chapters of this awesome game. Let me welcome you at the website which is fully dedicated to this game. Below you can play the game itself as well as get additional information about developers and gaming process. Start playing the impossible quiz right now!

About The Impossible Quiz

If you have never played this game before I recommend you to read this section and get some useful information about the game. As I have already told you, the game is a mixture of a educational game with elements of puzzle and fun. It is made in a form of a quiz, where all questions have 4 answers and your task is to pick the right one. If you manage to give the right answer - you move to the next one. If you fail - start the whole quiz from the beginning. Don't think that the questions are easy and you will be able to complete them all at first try. Questions in the impossible quiz are really tricky, that's the main reason why it is called "impossible". You will need all your skills and knowledge to give the right answers.

How To Play/Game Instructions

Even thought that playing the game is very simple, many people fail to succeed and say that the game is boring. Before starting to play the game you should realize several things. All actions in the game are made using mouse. You select the answer using mouse right click. Some questions may not have visible answers, in this case you will have to use your logical thinking ability and reveal answers on your own. As soon as you read the questions, don't rush in and select the answer, even though that you think that it's correct. The key to success in the impossible quiz is not to take the questions too seriously and think outside the box. Some of the questions will test how accurate you are, while others will examine your reaction skills. Questions in this game are on different topics, some of them are created in a funny manner, others may seem serious but don't be fool, the game is tricky as well as the questions so think twice before giving answer. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you have 3 lives in the game, this means that you can give wrong answer 3 times without losing progress. As soon as you are lack of lives - you lose and start the whole game from the beginning.

Other Versions Of The Game

In addition to the original edition of the impossible quiz which you can play at our website, you can enjoy the second edition. All together, there are 5 versions of the game. The last three editions are cut into chapters, each chapter has at least 30 questions. Even though that they are not so interesting as the first version, I recommend you to play them too. Hope that you will love our website too, join the discussions below, write your reviews and just have fun at The-Impossible-Quiz.Co.Uk